Linux v4.9 released, BayLibre contributions

The v4.9 release of the Linux Kernel has just been announced, and BayLibre has made the top 20 list of companies contributing to the Linux Kernel this release.

As described in the LWN coverage, this is largely due to the inclusion of Greybus in the staging tree, but BayLibre has also been active in several other areas:

peachpitAmlogic SoC family

  • added SPI support for flash controller (spifc)
  • added USB host support
  • added PWM support
  • added secure monitor support and NVMEM
  • added watchdog support
  • added AO clocks and reset
  • added IR/remote support
  • added I2C support
  • added MHU/mailbox support
  • network: added new DWMAC glue supporting GXBB

TI DaVinci SoC family

  • added  LCDK board support
  • Audio support
  • NAND support
  • Ethernet
  • MMC/SD supported

ARM OxNAS SoC family:

  • clocksource driver updates

Fixes, cleanups for BayLibre ACME hardware:

  • gpio: pca953x: code refactoring
  • gpio: fix an incorrect lockdep warning
  • eeprom: at24: check if the chip is functional in probe()




BayLibre Goes to Washington

After opening our California office last year, people would be forgiven for thinking that BayLibre was only interested in warm beaches and sunny days. Not so! We go wherever there is strong Linux talent.
To that end we are excited to announce that our friend Kevin Hilman, based in Seattle, has joined the BayLibre team. His reputation and contributions to the Linux kernel reinforce our own dedication to improving open source software.

The BayLibre team

BayLibre will attend CES 2016

Mike will be at CES from January 6 to 9.
He’ll mostly be in Eureka Marketplace. We hope to see you there!

BayLibre 2nd anniversary

BayLibre was really proud to celebrate its 2nd anniversary with friends and partners in both US and France. See you next year!

BayLibre team

BayLibre goes to Hollywood

BayLibre SAS was founded two years ago at an incubator in Valbonne, France. Today, we are proud to announce the creation of BayLibre, Inc. to help grow our business and better support our customers in the US.

As part of this exciting step for BayLibre we have brought our dear friend Michael Turquette on board to take on the role of CEO and drive vision and strategy at BayLibre.

There is much to be proud of in the past two years at BayLibre and with Mike on board BayLibre 2.0 will be limitless.

The BayLibre Team

BayLibre is working on the Project Ara from Google

BayLibre is working on the project ARA, in collaboration with LeafLabs, Linaro and Google. The goal is to deliver a customizable and modular lego-like smartphone. The BayLibre expertise in embedded software, Linux kernel drivers and power management is a key contribution to the project.

Photo Credit Google ATAP

Project Ara is a development effort to create a modular hardware ecosystem. Put another way, Project Ara aims to enable users to create a modular smartphone that is precisely tailored to their functional and aesthetic preferences.

Learn more about ARA, Google Project 

They talk about us here

BayLibre will attend FOSDEM 2015

BayLibre is really excited to attend FOSDEM at Bruxelles for the very first time. The agenda for the Embedded track looks pretty nice. We already registered for the Friday’s talk as well, named “Beer Distribution Algorithm v3.3 (stable)“. That sounds really technical.

BayLibre is hiring, so if you want to meet us, we will be around.

See you there!

The BayLibre Team


BayLibre at Embedded Linux Conference Europe and Linux Plumbers

After the great Kernel Recipes in Paris 2 weeks ago, BayLibre will continue its European tour and will have the pleasure to attend two major events in Düsseldorf, Germany next week (ELCE and LPC).

The whole band will present a demo of our “Made in France” open HW running open source SW.
Later, Patrick will be on stage, playing solo, to present our latest hit : “Leveraging Open-Source Power Measurement Standard Solution“.

See you there and we’ll be happy to share some drinks backstage.

Let there be Linux!

Kernel Recipes 2014

Kernel Recipes 2014 

BayLibre is the proud sponsor of Kernel Recipes which will take place in Paris on the 25th and the 26th of September. This is the first event we are sponsoring and here is why:

Kernel recipes is the last event where kernel hackers from all over the world can meet up free of charge. It is a place for exchange, conferences which is in phase with the original mindset of Linux and the open source community. It’s free, it’s open, the content exchanged is of good quality and it is friendly. To top it all, it takes place in Paris downtown.

Come and share kernel recipes….and a beer 🙂 with us!


IPv6 adoption starting to add up to real numbers: 0.6 percent | Ars Technica

IPv6 adoption starting to add up to real numbers: 0.6 percent | Ars Technica.

This paper finds creative ways to analyze Internet traffic in order to evaluate the proportion of IPv6 traffic. IPv6 was designed in order to compensate for the shortage of IPv4 addresses.

Depending on the part if the network investigated, the researchers find out that the trafiic ranges from 1oth of percent to several percents.