Android-based touchscreen router does home automation ·

And kickstarter did it again: an Android based quadcore device which controls the home automation and is a router. It even connects to Nest, the connected thermostat recently acquired by Google. It embeds an Exynos SoC from Samsung. Actually the hardware platform is probably over-dimensioned for what it actually does. Yet it comes in the form factor of a tablet which means that for once the User Interface is user friendly.

As we could expect from such a sexy product, the pre-orders are higher than what was initially requested.

Android-based touchscreen router does home automation ·

Hardware Freedom Day – Open Hardware


What did you do last saturday on Open Hardware Day?

Open hardware is an initiative stemming from open source software. And one day is dedicated to its celebration: the 15th of March. Check out this link to see what it is about.

Hardware Freedom Day – Open Hardware.

14 Kickstarter Projects We're Excited for in 2014


TGIF, today March the 14th, Mashable shares 14 cool devices available on kickstarter for 2014.

Some of these devices are mecanical, some are web apps and some are electronic gizmos. BayLibre likes most of them.

Which one is the device you like best? Let us know at

We are big fans of the electrical bike wheel, infoactive and python cord.

Toyota FV2 Concept Car at CES 2014

This one person car from Toyota is electrical. It is designed to bind the driver with the vehicle.

The vehicle is coated in light displays which allow the user to fully customize the appearance of the vehicle.

You can get in through an opening roof. This is almost sci-fi.




Cool Flying Dancing Drones from Parrot at CES


The metal birds are flying on the music of volare, a great demo, one of the best show of the CES2014.