LG’s Smart Bulb Connects With Your Smartphone

LG’s Smart Bulb Connects With Your Smartphone.

Internet of things allows to control your light bulb from your IOS or Android smartphone. We love this product and the idea of controlling the power management.

Android-based touchscreen router does home automation ·

And kickstarter did it again: an Android based quadcore device which controls the home automation and is a router. It even connects to Nest, the connected thermostat recently acquired by Google. It embeds an Exynos SoC from Samsung. Actually the hardware platform is probably over-dimensioned for what it actually does. Yet it comes in the form factor of a tablet which means that for once the User Interface is user friendly.

As we could expect from such a sexy product, the pre-orders are higher than what was initially requested.

Android-based touchscreen router does home automation ·

The story of Motorola’s smartwatch from the man who designed it | The Verge

The story behind the Motorola smartwatch 360 is talled by its designer. The watch comes out this summer. It does not look like a geek device, it looks elegant and sleek. The biggest challenge faced was the power management. These watches consume a lot and we are not used to plugging in a watch every day.  Clearly the target is not the early adopters. This is the first step of Motorola into the Android wearable space. It is fun to learn throughout this article that the project was planned before competitors even appeared.

The story of Motorola’s smartwatch from the man who designed it | The Verge.

Hardware Freedom Day – Open Hardware


What did you do last saturday on Open Hardware Day?

Open hardware is an initiative stemming from open source software. And one day is dedicated to its celebration: the 15th of March. Check out this link to see what it is about.

Hardware Freedom Day – Open Hardware.

14 Kickstarter Projects We're Excited for in 2014


TGIF, today March the 14th, Mashable shares 14 cool devices available on kickstarter for 2014.

Some of these devices are mecanical, some are web apps and some are electronic gizmos. BayLibre likes most of them.

Which one is the device you like best? Let us know at

We are big fans of the electrical bike wheel, infoactive and python cord.

Hands-on with Samsung’s Tizen OS: An impressively capable Android clone | Ars Technica

Samsung shows a Tizen phone at mobile world congress.

Arstechnica journalist explains that this Tizen port to a Galaxy S4 was looking very much like an Android phone. It seems that Samsung is tempted by designing its own OS in order to become independent from Android-Google. The result seems pretty nice in terms of user interface.

We do agree though that the user interface is only one part of the story. The big strength of Android is the plethora of applications available. Will Samsung manage to create a real alternative to the Google store and the Google apps?

Hands-on with Samsung’s Tizen OS: An impressively capable Android clone | Ars Technica.

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Leaked HTC One cover turns your smartphone into a Lite Brite | The Verge

Leaked HTC One cover turns your smartphone into a Lite Brite | The Verge.

New HTC smartphone can display information through an array of Leds

This is just a leak to be confirmed in 2 weeks. The Led cover can display simple messages when the screen is off. This is a really cool feature and we would love to see a more complete, more sophisticated product come up following this trend.

Are these heads up display products yet another Google Glass clone?

These products look at first sight like yet another clone of Google Glasses. In fact they are much more.

They are not used to surf the web while walking or to provide an augmented reality experience. Their main users are the….vision impaired. This company had the great idea to use the Google glass technology to help the people who could not read due to a lack of vision. The Glasses read out loud for them! The camera records the text read, it is transmitted to a could based reading algorithm through wireless connectivity. The interpreted text is read out loud for the vision impaired to listen.

The BayLibre team loves this usage of heads up display product. A CES 2014 marvel.

BayLibre gives Android Training in Sophia Antipolis

The Android Training session is full !!!!!!!!

The trainees will learn about Linux kernel, configuration and booting. They will master the bootloader for Android and become comfortable with the Android changes to the Linux Kernel. They will see how to support new hardware and use adb in order to control the target and much much more.


Patrick Titiano presents Power Management Methodology at Embedded Linux Conference

Patrick has shared the following presentation at the Embedded Linux Conference in Edinburgh.

Here is an outline:

Wireless Embedded platforms performances keep increasing (multi-core processors (MPU / GPU) up to 2GHz+, H/W accelerators, High-Speed RAM (LPDDR3, Wide I/O) & peripheral buses (USB3)). But power and thermal budgets remain roughly the same (mobile phone: ~5W, case temperature < 45oC, 1-day of active use). Hence, Power Management becomes the critical element.