The new Zephyr 1.8.0 version

Zephyr 1.8.0 released, BayLibre contributions

We are pleased to announce the new Zephyr 1.8.0 Release!

The 1.8 OS Zephyr Project version was launched on June 15th 2017.

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— Zephyr Project (@ZephyrIoT) 16 juin 2017

A full changelog of this release are available on the project release notes page.

The following boards are now supported in this 1.8 release :

Along the following STM32 Microcontrollers features :

  • Flash support for the STM32L4 family, merged in a common driver with the STM32F4 family driver
  • Support for the STM32F469XI SoC
  • Support for the STM32F407 SoC
  • Support for the STM32L496 SoC
  • Support for the STM32L432XC SoC