Patrick Titiano presents Power Management Methodology at Embedded Linux Conference

Patrick has shared the following presentation at the Embedded Linux Conference in Edinburgh.

Here is an outline:

Wireless Embedded platforms performances keep increasing (multi-core processors (MPU / GPU) up to 2GHz+, H/W accelerators, High-Speed RAM (LPDDR3, Wide I/O) & peripheral buses (USB3)). But power and thermal budgets remain roughly the same (mobile phone: ~5W, case temperature < 45oC, 1-day of active use). Hence, Power Management becomes the critical element.

BayLibre at Embedded Linux Conference

BayLibre was present at the Embedded Linux Conference in Edinburgh. A session was dedicated to sharing a hardware accelerated encryption use case analysis. This use case was based on an OMAP4 platform running Android Jellybean. The analysis consisted in understanding the performances bottlenecks and improving them.

Here are the slides which were presented:

Skully Helmets Video

This is a cool product. We are proud to have supported the Skully Helmets team in delivering it. The BayLibre team ported Android onto the Skully hardware platform.

BayLibre: proud embedded software partner of Skully Helmets

BayLibre proudly announces its partnership with Skully Helmets.

This heads up display is a helmet including a rear view camera and a display.

See for more details.