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Linux Kernel and Drivers Development Course – BayLibre

Linux Kernel and Drivers Development Course – BayLibre.

BayLibre gives a training course on Linux Kernel and Drivers development.

It will be held between the 7th of April and the 11th of April in Sophia Antipolis in English.

The course is mostly hands on with topics such as Linux device model, frameworks or locking addressed. Over half of the time is dedicated to hands on labs on BeagleBone Black.

There are 2 seats left. In order to register, contact us at


BayLibre gives Android Training in Sophia Antipolis

The Android Training session is full !!!!!!!!

The trainees will learn about Linux kernel, configuration and booting. They will master the bootloader for Android and become comfortable with the Android changes to the Linux Kernel. They will see how to support new hardware and use adb in order to control the target and much much more.