Xilinx: An ‘All Programmable’ Strategy | Light Reading

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This is a great high tech and business story at the same time. Xilinx has acquired RocketChips, Triscend, AutoESL Design Technologies: providing a software tool suite to easily program FPGA, Omiino: for optical transport, Sarance Technologies: a leader in MAC technologies, Modelware: for traffic management and packet processing, PetaLogix: to provide Linux solutions for MicroBlaze and PowerPC, Modesat Communications: Modem solution maker for microwaves.

Why is this clever? Because the networking segment where a combination of high speed data path and numerous protocols, packets sizes and shapes have to be dealt with is a great target for programmable logic.

Xilinx has identified this early enough to deploy a step by step M&A strategy which puts the company in the head of the race as a provider for network equipment manufacturers. When visionary high tech and savvy business people make a team, the results can be great.

Xilinx: An ‘All Programmable’ Strategy | Light Reading.