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At the Heart of Embedded Linux


BayLibre is


We share with you our expertise in Linux, system definition, system analysis in ad-hoc consulting. We have worked in various architects, designers and optimizers positions in the OMAP application processor group. We have traveled from hardware to software back and forth. We have started up the power management and made it one of the strongest OMAP features. We have introduced embedded Linux into OMAP and have managed to upstream their code. And we’ll be happy to empower your organization with these skills.


Using Agile methods, we work in tight collaboration with our customers in order to define a Linux project. Our combined hardware/software expertise allows us to support our customer during the project specification. Our team of Linux experts designs it. We integrate and validate our projects together with our customers. Thanks to our years of experience working with the Linux community, we upstream the code to


As both engineers and university teachers, we offer specialized technical trainings combining theory and on board labs (at least 50% of the time). You can walk out of our trainings with relevant hands on experience in:

  • Writing Linux drivers
  • Android
  • GIT
  • Yocto

Happy New Year!

The BayLibre team wishes you a Happy New Year!

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About Us

Unified Team of highly Skilled Engineers with 15+ years Experience
Ready to Commit on Deliverables
Pioneers in Low Power Systems
Strong links with local Universities
At Ease in Multi-Cultural International Environments
Being a Client: We’ve been There

  • Consulting

    Support Our Customers in Making Critical System Design Choices
    Optimize System Performance and Power

  • Projects

    Deliver Linux Solutions Tuned to Customer’s Designs
    Develop Linux Drivers and Frameworks
    Customize and Support Linux Distribution

  • Training

    Provide Specialized Trainings

  • Products

    Power Management Framework and Heuristics
    Thermal Management
    Power and Performance audit tools