Blocks + BayLibre smartwatch developer

BayLibre is collaborating with Blocks as smartwatch developer.

At BayLibre, our engineers get to work on some of the most interesting technology in world. We’re equally lucky to get to work with some of the coolest companies on the planet.

BayLibre, Blocks smartwatch developer

Earlier this month Blocks announced that they are collaborating with BayLibre to develop embedded software for their forthcoming modular smart watch. We’ve been working with Blocks for quite a while and we’re thrilled to speak more about this engagement publicly!

While BayLibre has collaborated with Blocks on various parts of the embedded software stack, the part that has been talked about the most has been the port of Zephyr to the STM32L4 family of SoCs.

Blocks has been ultra-savvy about using Open Source software where it makes sense in their product, and as a result they will get to claim the honor of being the first CE device in the world to ship with Zephyr OS on board.

Without going into too much detail, Zephyr forms a critical part of the component responsible for managing the modular parts of the watch. The brain of the system remains Android-based as outlined in a Kickstarter update by Blocks.

We’re big fans of open source software, emerging technologies and cool products here at BayLibre. We’ve managed to work on all three while supporting Blocks as they move closer and closer to their ship date. We’re looking forward to seeing this seriously stylish wrist wear out in the wild!


Zephyr 1.7.0 released, BayLibre contributions

The 1.7.0 Release of the Zephyr Project was made on March 11th.

A full changelog of this release is available on the project release notes page.

BayLibre contributed support for the STM32L476 microcontroller series with the Nucleo-L476RG board.

In addition to the platform support, patches for the following devices were merged :

  • I2C for the whole STM32Lx family
  • UART support
  • Clocks control
  • GPIO/Pinmux control
  • EXTI Support


Linux v4.11 released, BayLibre contributions

The Linux v4.11 release was made on April 30th.

An excellent summary of this release can be found at KernelNewbies, and below is a summary of our contributions, organized by SoC family and a summary graph of contributions by developer.

Amlogic SoC family:

  • ADC laddered keys for P200 board
  • Export HDMI clocks
  • Add HDMI HPD/DDC pins functions

New boards:

  • Wetek Play (S905)
  • Wetek Hub (S905)

Linux v4.11 new release

TI DaVinci SoC family:

  • musb for da8xx
    • Manage CPPI 4.1 DMA interrupt in DSPS
    • Clean up
    • Detect aborted transfers
    • Fix host mode suspend
    • Add support of suspend / resume
    • Remove CPPI 3.0 quirk and methods
  • Enable ohci for omapl138 lcdk
  • Add support for SATA on da850-lcdk
    • model the SATA refclk
    • add con_id for the SATA clock
    • add and enable the SATA node
    • ahci-da850: un-hardcode the MPY bits
    • ahci-da850: add a workaround for controller instability
    • davinci_all_defconfig: enable SATA modules
    • ahci-da850: implement a workaround for the softreset quirk
    • ahci-da850: add device tree match table
  • Fix VGA output on da850-lcdk
    • add the vga-bridge node
    • add support for TI ths8135
  • Fix davinci: vpif_capture