Our U-Boot contributions in 2023

U-Boot is an important open source bootloader used in many embedded Linux systems. U-Boot has a fixed release interval of every 3 months.  BayLibre engineers contributed to each release in 2023:

U-Boot v2023.01

  • Alexandre Mergnat enabled the MT81813 Pumpkin board to boot via extlinux
  • Julien Masson made it possible to store boot splashscreen images on raw eMMC storage
  • Mattijs Korpershoek fixed a fastboot issue that occurred when changing hardware partitions
  • Mattijs also contributed a fix to ensure USB is detached on fastboot reboot commands

U-Boot v2023.04

  • Mattijs updated USB OTG support for Amlogic Meson S905X2 to use the U-Boot Driver Model

U-Boot v2023.07

  • Safae Ouajih added Android Boot image v3 and v4 support. This allows implementing modern (Android 11+) boot flows which are mandatory for Android Generic Kernel Image (GKI).
  • Mattijs continued improving support for the Khadas VIM3 board by fixing the reset logic in the serial driver.

U-Boot v2023.10

  • Julien Panis made a fix for SPI transfers on TI OMAP3 family SoCs.
  • Mattijs fixed a performance regression on Android fastboot writing over USB.

Future contributions

Mattijs reviewed 84 patches and tested 44 patches in 2023. Mattijs has now become a co-maintainer of the USB DFU subsystem in U-Boot and has sent pull requests for the upcoming U-Boot v2024.01 release.