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Baylibre announces partnership with Mender.io to deliver Secure OTA updates to the Internet of Things

BayLibre is delighted to announce a partnership with Mender.io to bring secure over-the-air (SOTA) updates to our customers & their products. Mender.io SOTA ensures that every IoT device is patched, protected, and running with the latest fixes. Mender has become a core component for many of our Linux projects, including our AIoT Linux SDK developed […]

The history of the KernelCI project

The KernelCI project brings automated build and boot testing to anyone wanting to check the quality and stability of Linux kernel releases. What started as a spare time project has gradually grown into a community-driven open source project that’s used by the likes of Google and the Automotive Grade Linux project to verify the quality […]

KernelCI Joins Linux Foundation

We’re thrilled to announce that the KernelCI project has officially joined the Linux Foundation and that BayLibre is a founding member company along with Google, Collabora, Red Hat, Foundries.io and Microsoft. BayLibre’s Kevin Hilman was one of the original founders of kernelci.org in 2014, and since then Kevin and the BayLibre team have continued to […]

Linux Kernel v5.3 released, our contributions

BayLibre has continued our contribution to the Linux community as seen with this new version of Linux Kernel 5.3, released on Sunday, September 15th 2019.  An excellent summary of this release can be found at KernelNewbies. If you check out LWN.net’s 5.3 Kernel development cycle statistics article, you’ll see that BayLibre made it onto the […]

Introducing The Thermo-regulated Power Measurement Platform

Effective power management is a top priority for embedded Linux devices, and while components such as power governors which select power configurations often get the most attention, an equally important consideration is: what configurations does the device actually support? For many embedded Linux platforms, the list of supported power options is described by Operating Performance […]

Announcing our work with MediaTek’s Rich IoT program

The team here at BayLibre is proud to join MediaTek US in announcing our involvement in their Rich IoT initiative. As the software Independent Design House for this program, we have developed Rity, an open source software stack focused on voice assistant, connected display and smart camera solutions. We have also developed an Android release […]

Our Upstream Kernel Contributions for TI SoCs

Texas Instruments (TI) supplies chips to roughly 100,000 customers around the world, with product life cycles measured in years and decades. These long-tail chips include TI’s DaVinci SoC which is particularly popular in IP network cameras, video communications, and portable media players, and also include the OMAP SoC, featured heavily on single-board computer development platforms […]

We’re a Top Contributor to Automotive Grade Linux

At the Automotive Grade Linux (AGL) All-Member Meeting in Dresden last month, a list of top contributors to the project was announced which included both BayLibre and our very own Kevin Hilman. Walt Miner presented slides that showed the top individual contributors along with the top contributions broken down by company. Kevin is a top […]