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Our Upstream Kernel Contributions for TI SoCs

Texas Instruments (TI) supplies chips to roughly 100,000 customers around the world, with product life cycles measured in years and decades. These long-tail chips include TI’s DaVinci SoC which is particularly popular in IP network cameras, video communications, and portable media players, and also include the OMAP SoC, featured heavily on single-board computer development platforms […]

We’re a Top Contributor to Automotive Grade Linux

At the Automotive Grade Linux (AGL) All-Member Meeting in Dresden last month, a list of top contributors to the project was announced which included both BayLibre and our very own Kevin Hilman. Walt Miner presented slides that showed the top individual contributors along with the top contributions broken down by company. Kevin is a top […]

Announcing the ACME Firmware Beta 3 Release

On 8th June 2018, BayLibre released a new version of the ACME Firmware, Beta 3. This important release contains a fix for a critical issue that can cause incorrect reporting of current and voltage data. We recommend that everyone upgrade to this latest release right away. A high-level summary of the changes can be found […]

An Overview of Generic Power Domains (genpd) on Linux

The saying goes that most programming problems can be solved with another layer of abstraction. Generic Power domains (genpd) are a (relatively) new Linux kernel power management abstraction that model the way power is controlled for components on SoCs. In other words, genpd describes the relationship between devices and power controllers. Generic power domains allow […]

Shipping the Zephyr RTOS in Consumer Electronics Products

Baylibre collaborates with manufacturers of consumer electronics, providing custom firmware solutions and specializing in Linux-based IoT devices. We’ve worked on several embedded consumer products using the Zephyr Project, including the Sensor Hub in the Blocks modular smartwatch and Ellcie Healthy glasses, and the Embedded Controller for the Gnarbox. When choosing our Real Time Operating System […]