BayLibre expands Open Source Business to include Compiler Services

Exciting news at BayLibre! 

We’re thrilled to announce our expansion into the Compiler & Toolchain Services space.  This marks a significant leap forward in our commitment to cutting-edge Open Source system solutions.

This week, we welcomed a team of talented veteran compiler engineers, formerly known as Sourcerers, bringing their 100+ person-years of expertise to enhance our capabilities and drive innovation. This is the same team behind CodeSourcery’s GCC toolchains that many of us relied on in the early days of ARMv7 & ARMv8.  More recently, this team has been responsible for enhancing the GNU Compiler Collection on state of the art AMD CPUs with cutting-edge GPU processing in support for the world’s fastest and first exascale supercomputer – Frontier.

Commitment to Growth:

BayLibre is actively expanding our investment in the toolchain business. We’re on the lookout for top-tier talent to further amplify our capabilities and continue pushing the boundaries of HPC & embedded systems development. Areas of interest include AI/ML compilation, experience with new architectures like RISC-V, LLVM, performance optimization, offload standards like OpenACC and OpenMP, and diverse programming languages like C/C++/Fortran/Rust.

Looking Forward:

BayLibre is excited to forge ahead, building upon this team’s storied legacy. Join us as we shape the future of embedded systems and High-Performance Compute technology.