Baylibre announces partnership with to deliver Secure OTA updates to the Internet of Things

BayLibre is delighted to announce a partnership with to bring secure over-the-air (SOTA) updates to our customers & their products. SOTA ensures that every IoT device is patched, protected, and running with the latest fixes. Mender has become a core component for many of our Linux projects, including our AIoT Linux SDK developed in partnership with MediaTek.

Secure and frequent OTA updates have become table stakes for IoT and embedded systems. BayLibre required a solution that would be flexible and extensible enough to integrate with systems built for different purposes. Our customers required an advanced solution that struck a balance between turnkey readiness and configurability. offers multiple levels of security paired with a turn-key backend hosting solution at affordable prices. Above all else, delivers a reliable service that we feel confident recommending to our partners & customers.

“BayLibre has successfully deployed SOTA in the field across our customer base and the diverse set of devices that we help our customers build”, said Michael Turquette, CEO at BayLibre. “In addition to the flexibility and security of Mender’s solution, we have seen a strong customer response to the commercial hosting solution provided by Mender. Of course, customers have the choice to host the SOTA back-end themselves or through, and we’ve seen great success for customers that trust the team at Mender with their SOTA hosting needs.”

Announcing our work with MediaTek’s Rich IoT program

The team here at BayLibre is proud to join MediaTek US in announcing our involvement in their Rich IoT initiative. As the software Independent Design House for this program, we have developed Rity, an open source software stack focused on voice assistant, connected display and smart camera solutions. We have also developed an Android release that merges support for multiple application processors and connectivity solutions into a single SDK. We’re excited to enable the next generation of disruptive IoT products based on MediaTek solutions and BayLibre software.


For more information drop us a line at

Kernel Recipes: Mainline Linux on AML-S905X-CC: Le Potato

At Kernel Recipes this year, BayLibre was proud to partner with the Libre Computer Project to give away around 30 “Le Potato” boards to attendees.  Kernel Recipes is already known for its throw microphone, but this year each speaker threw a “Le Potato” board at the audience.

For those who received the board, pre-built images (to be written to a microSD card, at least 4Gb) are available here :

What works:

  • Quad-Core Cortex-A53 @ 1.5GHz with Dynamic Voltage and Frequency Scaling (DVFS)
  • Penta-Core Mali-450 MP3 GPU limited to X11 (experimental) and Framebuffer acceleration
  • RS-232 TTL serial console on UART header and 40-pin header using DT Overlay
  • microSDCard SD/SDHC/SDXC up to SDR104 (UHS-I) speed
  • Optional eMMC 5.1 up to HS200 speed
  • SDIO up to SDR104 on 40-pin header
  • I2C, SPI, PWM, ADC on 40-pin header
  • Infrared Receiver
  • Hardware Watchdog
  • Up to 100Mb Full Duplex Ethernet
  • 4x USB2.0 Type A ports
  • 480i/576i CVBS Analog Output on AV Jack
  • Up to 1080p60 Full HD Output with CEC and Stereo Digital Audio

What doesn’t work (yet) :

  • 4k2k HDMI 2.0a modes, 7.1 and compressed Digital Audio
  • Mali-450 MP3 GPU Acceleration for Wayland
  • Analog and 7.1 I2S Digital audio output
  • Hardware Accelerated Video decoding/encoding for H.264/H.265/VP9

How to build and boot your own kernel from mainline:

For Overlays support, please follow the steps on

For Questions, please find us on the IRC channel #linux-amlogic (on Freenode) or ask questions on

Startup Weekend – Baylibre Sponsor SWNSA

BayLibre Sponsor SWNSA

La 5ème édition du Startup Weekend Nice Sophia Antipolis, aura lieu le 23 juin prochain à Nice.

Vous avez toujours souhaité créer votre propre entreprise?

Les idées fusent dans votre tête mais vous ne savez pas comment commencer?

Vous souhaitez obtenir des conseils d’experts et des retours d’expérience?

Vous voulez commencer rapidement?

La Startup Weekend Nice Sophia Antipolis est faite pour vous !

Le principe Startup weekend

Un weekend, soit 54 h, pour créer son projet de Startup!

Les participants doivent, avec l’aide d’experts, rendre leur projet viable.

Par la suite ils devront le présenter devant un jury, qui fera une sélection.

Les gagnants remportent des lots d’accompagnement pour les aider à se lancer concrètement dans leurs projets de création.


BayLibre sera enchanté et fier de pouvoir partager ses connaissances ainsi que son expérience et participer au lancement d’une jeune pousse.

Venez nous rejoindre nombreux au SWNSA Epitech Nice du 23 au 25 juin prochain.

Pour en savoir plus

BayLibre becomes a SolidRun partner!

We’re happy to announce that BayLibre has joined the partner program at SolidRun to support customers using their best-in-class System-on-Module products.

The well-known SoMs from SolidRun support a variety of system-on-chip platforms and are supported by an open hardware carrier board. BayLibre adds world-class expertise in custom board design for these SoMs as well as porting and customizing Android, Yocto and Linux for the end product. We take the design that last mile to realize the final product.

SolidRun’s outstanding hardware products are a perfect match for BayLibre’s software world class system software expertise!

Zotac’s first ARM-based mini PC coming in September for under $200 – Liliputing

Zotac’s first ARM-based mini PC coming in September for under $200 – Liliputing.

The first ARM based PC is eventually shipping for less than 200 dollars.

AMD Opteron 64-bit ARM-based developer kits now available | ZDNet

AMD Opteron 64-bit ARM-based developer kits now available | ZDNet.

Chipmaker AMD has announced that the AMD Opteron A1100-Series developer kit, which features AMD’s first 64-bit ARM-based processor, codenamed “Seattle,” are now available.

Complete developer kits are available for $2,999.

Google’s Nest thermostat hacked with Linux — backdoor enabled on device

Google’s Nest thermostat hacked with Linux — backdoor enabled on device.

The story of how GTV Hacker attaqued the google TV device and managed to boot with unsigned code. Read unsecure code for unsigned code here:-)
They managed the same exploit with Nest thermostat based on an OMAP platform. Again this raises the issue of the Internet of Things and the security. This article claimed that the release of their smoke detector was delayed due to these security issues. 

Russian gov to dump x86, bake own 64-bit ARM chips – reports • The Register

Russian government wants to ditch Intel and AMD processors in favour of a locally-developed ARM effort. Russian companies are banding together to develop to be called “Baikal” that will use ARM’s 64-bit kernel Cortex A-57 as its base design, offer at least eight cores, be built with a 28nm process and run at 2GHz.
Cavium’s staff includes folks from failed ARM server chipmaker Calxeda, who told us they feel enough enterprise software runs on ARM. That’s no longer quite such a problem. If Russia follows this path, and the rules of open source, the problem could disappear entirely. 

Russian gov to dump x86, bake own 64-bit ARM chips – reports • The Register.

New chip will save you from competing wireless charging standards | Ars Technica

| Ars Technica.

Broadcom offers one product that seamlessly supports all standards to solve the wireless charging problem. The BCM59350 seamlessly and automatically switch between the three major wireless charging standards.