Linux Kernel 5.0 released, our contributions

BayLibre has continued our contribution to the Linux community as seen with this new version of Linux Kernel 5.0, released on Sunday, March 3rd 2019.  An excellent summary of this release can be found at KernelNewbies.

Here is a summary of our contributions, organized by SoC family and a summary graph of contributions by developer.

Amlogic SoC family:

  • new board: S805X-based “La Frite” from Libre Computer
  • audio: support S/PDIF input on AXG SoC family
  • audio: enable sound modules for S400 board
  • clocks: added new clock measure driver
  • display: support HDMI 1.4 4K modes

Ti DaVinci SoC Family:

  • fix label names in GPIO lookup entries
  • use nvmem to lookup MAC address


  • Corentin Labbe: several fixes and cleanups in the crypto subsystem
  • Carlo Caione: fix boot from eMMC on i.MX8MQ
  • Bartosz Golaszewski: nexted IRQ fixes in GPIO subsystem