Linux Kernel v5.14 released, our contributions

Linux v5.14, the latest version of the kernel, marks the 30th anniversary of Linux! As always, has in-depth coverage including the merge window (part one, part two) and the statistics from the 5.14 development cycle.

Here’s a summary of our contributions, organized by SoC family, and a summary graph of contributions by each developer.

Amlogic SoCs

We again did a lot of Amlogic development contributing 18 patches:

  • Jerome Brunet
    • improved HDMI audio on Amlogic Khadas VIM3
    • improved Meson AXG Audio Clock Controller Driver
    • contributed fix in Amlogic Meson-G12A Clock Controller Driver
  • Neil Armstrong
    • added support for the Banana PI BPI-M5 board
    • added support for the TOACODEC found in Amlogic SM1 SoCs
    • made fixes for the ODROID-C4 and ODROID-HC4
    • made UART fix for Amlogic Meson AXG, G12, GX
    • improved the Amlogic Meson serial port driver
    • made fix to Amlogic Meson HDMI-TX DRM driver

MediaTek SoCs

We also worked on supporting MediaTek SoCs with 19 patches:

  • Fabien Parent
    • added driver and DT bindings for MT8365 pin controller.
    • enabled cpufreq support of MediaTek MT8365 SoC
    • converted MediaTek RNG DT bindings to YAML format
    • added support for the MediaTek MT8167 power domains
    • improved support of MediaTek MT8167 peripherals
  • Neil Armstrong
    • added HDMI DT bindings for MediaTek MT8167
    • converted MediaTek HDMI dt bindings to use graph schema
  • Mattijs Korpershoek added support for PMIC keys for MT6358

Gemini SoCs

Corentin Labbe contributed 15 patches for Cortina Systems Gemini SoCs which are notably used in Network Attached Storage (NAS) devices:

  • added new driver for hardware cryptographic offloader for Storlink SL3516 SoC
  • added support for Welltech EPBX100
  • contributed improvements for:
    • D-Link DNS-313 1-Bay NAS
    • D-Link DIR-685 Xtreme N Storage Router
    • D-Link DNS-313 1-Bay Network Storage Enclosure
    • ITian Square One SQ201
    • Raidsonic NAS IB-4220-B
    • Storlink Semiconductor Gemini324 EV-Board
    • Teltonika RUT1xx
    • Wiliboard WBD-111
    • Wiliboard WBD-222

Texas Instruments SoCs

Kevin Hilman continued to upstream fixes for TI SoCs and EVM boards


Jerome Brunet contributed fixes to the USB gadget audio driver


Corentin Labbe made improvements to the Intel IXP4XX crypto driver and has become a maintainer of the driver


Phong LE and Neil Armstrong added a new driver and DT bindings for ITE IT66121 HDMI bridge chip

Kernel CI

Corentin Labbe made it possible for Gentoo’s KernelCI to boot test the alpha arch


  • Nicolas Pitre added clock management to ARM SCMI Generic power domain support
  • Corentin Labbe
    • made fixes to the Zoran video capture drivers
    • converted DT bindings to YAML format for:
      • Faraday Technology FTRTC010 Real Time Clock
      • Faraday TV Encoder TVE200
      • ARM PrimeCells PL080 and PL081 DMA controller
      • MDIO on GPIOs
plot of 5.14 contributions per developer