Linux Kernel v5.15 released, our contributions

Linux v5.15, the latest version of the kernel, was released this past Sunday, October 31st. Linus marked the occasion by updating the code name to “Trick or Treat”. LWN covered the 5.15 merge window (part onepart two) and Kernel Newbies has a detailed breakdown of the features in the 5.15 release.

Here’s a summary of our contributions, organized by SoC family, and a summary graph of contributions by each developer.

Amlogic SoCs

We continued to help maintain support for Amlogic SoCs in the kernel. Notably, Neil Armstrong fixed a regression in the mmc driver for the Amlogic Meson GX SoCs.

MediaTek SoCs

We also continued to improve MediaTek SoC support. Fabien Parent improved DSI support for the MT8167 and MT8365 SoCs including updates to the device tree bindings. Markus Schneider-Pargmann made an improvement to the driver for the interrupt controller to allow registered IRQs to be used as a wakeup-source. This is the first upstream kernel contribution that Markus has made since joining the BayLibre team and will benefit power management functionality.

Gemini SoCs

Corentin Labbe continued to support Cortina Systems Gemini SoCs which are used in Network Attached Storage (NAS) devices. Corentin improved the device tree bindings for the Faraday FTPCI100 PCI host bridge used in the Gemini SoCs.

Texas Instruments SoCs

We continue to upstream improvements for TI SoCs and Kevin Hilman forward ported support for the DRA762 ABZ package.