Our contributions to Yocto 4.3

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The Yocto Project is an open source collaboration project that provides templates, tools and methods to help you create custom Linux-based systems for embedded system deployments in connected edge devices, servers, or virtual environments, regardless of the hardware architecture. Yocto 4.3 (codename “nanbield”) was recently released. It includes Linux kernel 6.5 and 6.1, gcc 13, glibc 2.38, LLVM 17, and over 300 other recipe upgrades.

BayLibre engineers made the following contributions to Yocto 4.3:


We contributed a total of 82 patches across several areas:

  • Eilís ‘pidge’ Ní Fhlannagáin
    • Provided fixes for nativesdk-intercept ownership logic and path setup
    • Added a workaround for update_mandb issues when populating the SDK
  • Julien Stephan
    • Added bblock, a tool for locking and unlocking recipes during build, along with associated selftests
    • Upgraded less recipe
    • Added ptest support for less and libexif recipes
    • Miscellaneous fixes for sstatesig, vulkan-samples, scripts.patch.py, and automake
  • Trevor Gamblin
    • Migrated core patchtest code into openembedded-core and refactored the test suite as part of the 2023 Yocto Project RFQ. Maintenance for patchtest is ongoing in openembedded-core master branch, and in meta-patchtest – Layer supporting the test framework for community patches.
    • Improvements to ptests and dependencies for python3 and glib-networking
    • Added new recipes for: python3-calver and python3-trove-classifiers
    • Upgraded numerous recipes: bind, diffoscope, git, icu, iproute2, linux-firmware, nfs-utils, p11-kit, pciutils, qemu, vim, xeyes, python3-cython, python3-dbusmock, python3-dtc, python3-dtschema, python3-git, python3-hatchling, python3-hypothesis, python3-more-itertools, python3-numpy, python3-poetry, python3-poetry-core, python3-pygments, python3-pytest, python3-setuptools, python3-sphinx, python3-trove-classifiers, python3-webcolors


  • Julien Stephan
    • Added a new function to retrieve task signatures in bitbake


54 patches were contributed:

  • Trevor Gamblin
    • Added recipes for: python3-arrow, python3-git-pw, python3-platformdirs, python3-pytest-mock, python3-tomlkit, python3-versioneer
    • Ptest, dependency, and other metadata fixes for: python3-bandit, python3-bitstring, python3-blinker, python3-flask, python3-kivy, python3-py-cpuinfo, python3-pylint, python3-pytest-mock
    • Recipe upgrades for: python3-aiofiles, python3-alembic, python3-argcomplete, python3-arpeggio, python3-astroid, python3-autobahn, python3-awesomeversion, python3-bandit, python3-beautifulsoup4, python3-binwalk, python3-bitarray, python3-bitstring, python3-bitstruct, python3-blinker, python3-cppy, python3-django, python3-dnspython, python3-execnet, python3-fastjsonschema, python3-flask, python3-greenstalk, python3-humanize, python3-ipython, python3-jsonpatch, python3-m2crypto, python3-matplotlib, python3-pandas, python3-parse, python3-pyaudio, python3-pybind11, python3-pylint, python3-pyperf, python3-rdflib, python3-semver, python3-send2trash, python3-sh, python3-snagboot, python3-sqlalchemy, python3-sqlparse, python3-werkzeug


  • Trevor Gamblin
    • Updated the dev-manual’s testimage instructions to match the new IMAGE_CLASSES approach