U-Boot v2022.07 released, our contributions

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BayLibre contributed to U-Boot v2022.07 which was on July 11th. U-Boot development takes place in release cycles which normally span two months.


Neil Armstrong maintains support for Amlogic SoCs in U-Boot. During this development cycle, Neil reviewed and merged patches that added support for the ADC found on the Amlogic AXG SoC family and enabled the ADC peripheral for the JetHome Jethub D1 home automation-controller. Neil also merged patches to support for the AO clock controller in the Amlogic G12A which provides the clock to various controllers within the Always-On part of the SoC.

Texas Instruments

Neil Armstrong added the necessary drivers and device tree nodes to support the TPS65219 PMIC in the E4 revision of the TI AM64 SK EVM. The TPS65219 PMIC features 3 Buck converters and 4 linear regulators, 2 GPOs, 1 GPIO, and 3 multi-function-pins.

Corentin Labbe fixed a regression with the TI AM335x HS (high security) EVM. The HS variant has about half of the available SRAM in the non-HS part. The regression occurred when an unrelated change caused the TI Ethernet driver to be unnecessarily probed which then exhausted the available memory resulting in a crash. U-Boot SPL only supports MMC/SD and UART boot methods on the TI AM335x HS, so the regression was fixed by disabling all network-based boot methods for the HS part.