We’re a Top Contributor to Automotive Grade Linux

At the Automotive Grade Linux (AGL) All-Member Meeting in Dresden last month, a list of top contributors to the project was announced which included both BayLibre and our very own Kevin Hilman. Walt Miner presented slides that showed the top individual contributors along with the top contributions broken down by company. Kevin is a top 20 contributor to the project, clocking in 26 commits in the first three quarters of the year, and BayLibre is in ninth place (with 45 commits) on the companies list.

We’ve had the pleasure of working closely with the AGL project over the last couple of years. Primarily, we’ve enhanced the Kernel CI project for use with AGL, but our AGL contributions have covered everything from Kernel CI backend support to new tests.

Since the beginning of 2018 the team at BayLibre have contributed:

  • Yocto-ptest fixes and improvements
  • CAN bus tests fixes and improvements
  • Changes to add USB host controller emulation to the QEMU template
  • A new layer for energy aware (EAS) scheduling patches

Plus, we offered the use of our own version of the AGL backend (running from inside our lab) while the official AGL backend was under development and transitioning to kernelci-docker code.

It’s fantastic to see the recognition for our hard work and to be listed alongside such impressive engineers and companies. We’re looking forward to the continued success of the AGL project and the part we get to play in that.