Pumpkin i350 Edge AI EVK now available

The Pumpkin i350 EVK Smart Hub Edition is now available on the new OLogic store! The board supports both Yocto and AOSP, developed in partnership by BayLibre and MediaTek:

The i350 EVK is an Edge AI platform designed for mainstream AI + IoT applications that require vision and voice edge processing, such as facial, object, gesture, motion recognition, LPR, voice activation and speed recognition, sound isolation, bio-tech and biometric measurements, and more. Built on the success of our high-end Pumpkin i500, the new i350 is a lower cost, mid-range performance platform that enables engineering teams to design for wider market adoption use cases such as door entry systems, personal gym trainers, child sleep companion robots, and much more.

Built using an ultra-efficient 14nm process, this highly integrated Edge AI platform incorporates a dedicated APU (AI processor) and DSP to enable vision and voice edge AI, with considerably greater performance and power efficiency in common applications.

With the advent of higher-performing AI-integrated chips, such as the MediaTek i350 SoC and development board designed by OLogic, we accelerate your engineering, shorten your development cycle, helping you to launch your new product faster at a lower development cost and faster ROI. 

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