BayLibre new member of the Automotive Grade Linux

Automotive grade Linux

BayLibre part of the Automotive Grade Linux project

Today we are pleased to announce that we have joined Automotive Grade Linux, a Linux Foundation project.

AGL is an exciting effort involving more than 100 member companies. They are working together to define, improve and deploy the next generation software platform for the automotive industry.

Earlier this year BayLibre joined the Linux Foundation. We are big fans of the Linux Foundation. Their efforts to improve open source software is a goal shared by BayLibre. We’re proud to call ourselves a Member.

BayLibre is currently involved in two efforts within Automotive Grade Linux.

First we are contributing toward platform support and improving support for the SoCs and reference platforms within the OS release.

Then we are also helping to define and implement test, validation and continuous integration methodology for the project as a whole.

Both efforts hope to improve quality, interoperability and increase the pace of innovation within the Automotive Grade Linux project.

Read more at the Linux Foundation press release below:

“Magic Helmet” for F-35 ready for delivery | Ars Technica

“Magic Helmet” for F-35 ready for delivery | Ars Technica.

The most expensive and complicated piece of headgear ever constructed, the F-35 Gen III Helmet Mounted Display System (HMDS) was just released.

The HMDS goes way beyond previous augmented reality. The helmet is equipped with night vision capabilities via an infrared sensor that projects imagery inside the facemask.

The helmet runs for about $600,000.


New chip will save you from competing wireless charging standards | Ars Technica

| Ars Technica.

Broadcom offers one product that seamlessly supports all standards to solve the wireless charging problem. The BCM59350 seamlessly and automatically switch between the three major wireless charging standards.

BayLibre will be at the Embedded Linux Conference next week in San Jose.
Patrick Titiano will present:
“Use-Case Power Management : Identifying and Tracking Key Power Indicators – P. Titiano, BayLibre”
Patrick will share his expertise on this topic with the Linux audience and illustrate it with real life examples.