Our contributions to Linux kernel 6.0

Linux v6.0 was released on October 2nd, 2022. As usual, LWN covered the 6.0 merge window (part 1part 2).  Here’s a summary of our contributions per SoC family and kernel subsystem:

MediaTek SoCs

BayLibre continued to improve support of MediaTek SoCs during this kernel release.

Guillaume Ranquet added supported for the DisplayPort interface hardware unit (DP_INTF) on the MT8195 (Kompanio 1200).   Guillaume improved flexibility in the MediaTek DisplayPort interface driver by moving several properties to SoC specific config.  Guillaume also fixed potential screen glitches by enabling the DisplayPort interface only after a bridge is enabled.

Markus Schneider-Pargmann added a new driver to support the integrated DisplayPort PHY found on Mediatek SoCs like the MT8195 (Kompanio 1200).  Markus also added support for DP_INTF to the MediaTek DPI driver.  DP_INTF is similar to DPI but does not have the exact same feature set or register layouts.  DP_INTF is the sink of the display pipeline that is connected to the DisplayPort controller and encoder unit.

Fabien Parent added the DPI/HDMI display path for MT8365 (Genio 350).  Fabien also added PWM support and improved device tree bindings for the MT8365.  In addition, Fabien added support for the PMIC keys, regulator, and RTC in the MT6357 PMIC.

Mattijs Korpershoek contributed to input drivers for MediaTek SoCs including implementation of row/column selection for the MT6778 keypad.  Mattijs also changed the the row/column calculation to better match organization of the MT6779 keypad hardware.

Texas Instruments SoCs

We continue to provide upstream support for TI SoCs such as AM335x, AM437x and AM57xx.  Guillaume La Roque enabled ramoops functionality to improve the debugging experience on the TI K3 AM625 SK dev board.

Crypto subsystem

Corentin Labbe reviewed and tested several fixes for the cryptographic accelerators found in Allwinner SoCs.


Bar graph of Linux 6.0 contributions per each BayLibre engineer
Linux 6.0 contributions per each BayLibre engineer