Our contributions to the Linux 6.1 kernel

Linux v6.1 was released on December 11th, 2022. As usual, LWN covered the 6.1 merge window (part 1part 2).  Here’s a summary of our contributions per SoC family and kernel subsystem:

MediaTek SoCs

BayLibre continued to improve support of MediaTek SoCs during this kernel release.

Markus Schneider-Pargmann added an embedded DisplayPort (eDP) driver for the MT8195 (Kompanio 1200) which is used in Acer Chromebooks.  It supports DisplayPort 1.4 with up to 4 lanes.  Markus also helped upstream the clock driver for the MT8365 (Genio 350).

Guillaume Ranquet added DisplayPort audio support for the MT8195 with up to 8 channels.  Guillaume also added external DisplayPort support to the MT8195 eDP driver.

Mattijs Korpershoek added double key support for MT6779 keypad matrix controller.  Double key support exists to minimize cost, since it reduces the number of pins required for physical keys.  Mattijs has now become the maintainer of the MT6779 keypad driver, and also reviews patches for a variety of other input drivers.

Fabien Parent added keypad support to enable two buttons on the MT8183 Pumpkin board.   Fabien also added clock drivers for the MT8365.

Amlogic SoCs

BayLibre continues to maintain and improve support for Amlogic SoCs in the kernel.  For the Linux 6.1 release, Philippe Boos fixed Meson GXBB SoC watchdog driver to keep the watchdog running if it was already started by bootloader.

Texas Instruments SoCs

Julien Panis added a new capture driver to support the TI eCAP (enhanced capture) peripheral in the TI AM62x SoC.  ECAP can be used to timestamp events (falling/rising edges) detected on an input signal.

Jerome Neanne added support for the TPS65219 PMIC (power management IC).  The regulator set consists of 3 buck DC-DC converters and 4 LDOs.  The output voltages are configurable and are meant to supply power to the main processor and other components.  Jerome also contributed a fix for the AM62-SP-SK dev board to avoid the TPS65219 LDO1 (SDMMC rail) to be shut down after boot completion.

Gemini SoCs

Corentin Labbe re-enabled gigabit speed Ethernet for the Gemini SoC in the NS2502 and SSI1328 NAS (network attached storage) devices.

Summary of BayLibre contributions in Linux 6.1

  Lines added: 6,722
Lines removed: 44
Files changes: 50
Commits: 27
Signed-off-by: 18
Reviewed-by: 14
Reported-by: 2
Tested-by: 1
Acked-by: 1


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