Announcing the ACME Firmware Beta 3 Release

voltmeter showing voltage

On 8th June 2018, BayLibre released a new version of the ACME Firmware, Beta 3. This important release contains a fix for a critical issue that can cause incorrect reporting of current and voltage data.

We recommend that everyone upgrade to this latest release right away.

A high-level summary of the changes can be found in the changelog, but in the rest of this article we’ll look at them in more detail.


Fix for Incorrect Shunt Resistor Values

The Beta 3 release includes a fix for a major bug that can manifest as incorrect current and voltage data being reported at the application level.

The issue is that shunt resistor values are incorrectly copied from the probe EEPROM when creating entries in the Linux sysfs file system. Depending on the configuration of inserted probes, the value from the probe in the first slot may actually be copied to the sysfs entry for the second slot, the value from the probe in the second slot may be copied to the sysfs entry for the third slot, and so on. In other words, it’s possible for all sysfs entries to contain incorrect shunt resistor values.

The bug is caused by a mismatch between the way probes are numbered by ‘dut-dump-probe’ (starting at 1) and the way the OS enumerates devices in sysfs (starting at 0). Because of this off-by-one bug, it’s impossible to initialize the shunt resistor value for the first slot on the ACME cape, and the default value of 10mohm is always used. Note that users of JACK probes may not be affected by this issue since the shunt resistor value for this probe happens to be identical to the default value.


An Upgrade to the Latest Yocto Krogoth Release

We’ve also upgraded to the latest version of the community-maintained Yocto Krogoth release (2.1.3), which includes both functional and security fixes, bringing the latest software updates to ACME users.

You can find instructions for downloading the ACME Firmware Beta 3 release here.