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BayLibre 3rd Anniversary

October 11 was the third anniversary of the founding of BayLibre and the team celebrated in style! As usual, this anniversary occurred around the same time as Embedded Linux Conference Europe. Both the US team and the France team travelled to Berlin for the conference, delivering several talks and presentations along the way, and then […]

BayLibre Goes to Washington

After opening our California office last year, people would be forgiven for thinking that BayLibre was only interested in warm beaches and sunny days. Not so! We go wherever there is strong Linux talent. To that end we are excited to announce that our friend Kevin Hilman, based in Seattle, has joined the BayLibre team. […]

BayLibre contributes to kernelci.org

The BayLibre Lab is online and test results are being contributed to the kernelci.org project. In addition to standard boot tests, BayLibre is developing a power regression test suite using LAVA and the kernelci.org infrastructure. We can’t wait to push the state of the art forward around automated testing and quality assurance for Linux. Marc […]

BayLibre goes to Hollywood

BayLibre SAS was founded two years ago at an incubator in Valbonne, France. Today, we are proud to announce the creation of BayLibre, Inc. to help grow our business and better support our customers in the US. As part of this exciting step for BayLibre we have brought our dear friend Michael Turquette on board […]

BayLibre is attending Embedded Linux Conference at San Jose

BayLibre is attending ELC at San Jose this week. Bartosz will have a talk: Sigrok: Adventures in Integrating a Power-Measurement Device. Later we will show some ACME HW during Demo Showcase and Booth Crawl. Last but not least, BayLibre is hiring, so if you want to meet us, we will be around. See you there! […]

BayLibre ACME supported by sigrok

Thanks to Bartosz and Uwe Hermann, libsigrok now supports the BayLibre ACME device. The ACME (Another Cute Measurement Equipment) is a BeagleBone Black Cape with an I²C-attached Texas Instruments INA226 current/power monitor and an I²C-attached TI TMP435 temperature sensor. The sensors are supported in mainline Linux. The drivers expose a standard interface via the Linux […]