Developing with Git

From basics to advanced commands, covering all fundamental concepts, and including hands-on labs

Git is a distributed development version control system that originated with the Linux kernel development community and is now being used for an ever increasing number of projects. The target of this training is to get students up to speed on the Git concepts, its major differences with other version control systems like svn, how to use it on a daily basis, how to handle repositories and have a view on various integration models using Git.

Developing with Git course content

The time is evenly split between lectures and hands-on labs.

  • Introduction
  • Git internals (and why is Git so powerful)
  • Basic concepts
  • How to manage files
  • Common commands and the index
  • Using branches and tags
  • Merging and re-basing
  • Handling patches
  • Practical scenarios of Git typical usage for
    • integrating features
    • working on patch series
  • Advanced commands

Training duration

2 days


English or French (materials are in English)


Be familiar with basic Linux command line and utilities


The course is intended for developers who are familiar with the Linux operating system, and want to learn about Git.

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Developing wih Git course price

  • Developing with Git course
  • 1190
    VAT excluded, per person*
  • * Special rate for students, please contact us.