U-Boot v2019.01 released, our contributions

BayLibre has continued contribution to the open-source community as seen with this new version of U-Boot v2019.01, released on 14th January 2019.

This release introduces a big rework for Amlogic Meson SoC support in order to:

  • Add support for the new AXG platform and ease support for G12A/G12B platforms
  • Ease support for new boards based on Amlogic Reference Design

Starting with this release, Neil Armstrong now maintains the Amlogic SoC support with an U-Boot Custodian tree, similar to a kernel.org maintainer tree, now collecting patches for the Amlogic SoC support (board, arch, clock, pinctrl, …) and sending pull-requests to Tom Rini, the U-Boot maintainer.

Since U-Boot v2017.11, BayLibre engineers have pushed:

  • 75 patches
  • 14804 line changes
  • 292 files changes

Here is a summary of our contributions for this release:

Amlogic SoC family:

  • Add boot device mode, usable with pyamlboot
  • Add support for AXG family
    • pinctrl
    • dts
    • clock
    • network
    • mmc
  • Rework GX support by:
    • moving all P212 boards variants under the P212 board code
    • moving Khadas VIM2 support under the Q200 board code
    • moving Nanopi-K2 support under the Odroid-C2 board code
  • Add SPIFC flash controller for the upcoming “La Frite” board
  • Add VPU Power domain and VPU clocks support for upcoming video support