Product Development

What do smart watches, smartphones, in car infotainment, Internet of Things, set top boxes, robotics, industrial control and wearables have in common? These products are all developed by BayLibre! Let us accelerate your product development cycle and reduce your time to market. We’re ready to join at any stage in the product development cycle, from product concept to prototype, engineering samples and design for manufacture.

We specialize in Linux-based devices including the Android and Yocto operating systems, bespoke firmware development for microcontrollers including Zephyr OS, and we develop, an automated testing and robustness suite for ensuring product quality.

Open Source

BayLibre is at the heart of Open Source software development. We employ Linux kernel maintainers and contribute to Google’s Android operating system, the Yocto project and more. Our ACME power measurement instrument is Open Hardware and the software for it is completely free and Libre.

Go direct to the source: BayLibre works at the foundation of the projects powering the Internet of Things and the most advanced consumer electronics.


BayLibre offers technical training combining theory and hands-on experience in an interactive environment. We provide both on-site and remote workshops such as,

  • Linux device drivers
  • Android
  • Yocto
  • Git

All training materials are provided by us, including embedded hardware and development platforms for putting your new skills to the test.

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About Us

Unified Team of highly Skilled Engineers with 15+ years Experience
Ready to Commit on Deliverables
Pioneers in Low Power Systems
Strong links with local Universities
At Ease in Multi-Cultural International Environments
Being a Client: We’ve been There

  • Consulting

    Support Our Customers in Making Critical System Design Choices
    Optimize System Performance and Power

  • Projects

    Deliver Linux Solutions Tuned to Customer’s Designs
    Develop Linux Drivers and Frameworks
    Customize and Support Linux Distribution

  • Training

    Provide Specialized Trainings

  • Products

    Power Management Framework and Heuristics
    Thermal Management
    Power and Performance audit tools